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Novutek is a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) services in Mexico, with the vision of being the most important in the country and the best internationally.


Our mission is to boost the evolution of our national and international clients, maximizing their competitiveness. Our commitment is to always deliver added value in the IT solutions that we devise for them, based on world-class processes methodologies, cutting-edge tools, with the purpose to achieve and to exceed all their expectations.


Here at Novutek, we generate business solutions so that our clients can develop their maximum potential. We offer an extraordinary workplace for our employees and community, and we are a key in the sustainable development of our environment. We play a key role in our community making an impact in economic development.

We are seeking for our clients:

  • To promote their evolution and development.

  • To maximize their competitiveness to generate more growth.

  • To generate technological and economic development in their environment.

  • To make a positive impact for them through using our state of the art IT solutions.



How did Novutek begin? By following the development and implementation of the strategic information technology plan of Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora (Sonora Institute of Technology, ITSON)
The reason: Separate the Software Development department and to create a new company.
The purpose: To meet the needs of software services of the University and then gradually to the regional, national and international market as well.


Novutek started operations an office located on the campus of ITSON. Working with their Academic and Administrative software platform of ITSON, for example, expanding the features of ERP JD Edwards.


In November, the company moves to the SonoraSoft Technology Park (PTSS) as an anchor company and helping to attract new tenants to the park.


We seek the economic and social transformation of the region, in synergy with other industry organizations, to provide IT solutions to local, national and international market companies, as well as public sector institutions in order to help them maximize their performance through the implementation and use of technology.

  • Provide world-class services and technologies to encourage and accelerate IT adoption in businesses and institutions.

  • Being able to attract large IT projects to the region, to make it a leader in the IT and software industry.

  • Demonstrate the feasibility and capability of the academic-industry collaboration model to boost technology and innovation.