We provide technology solutions to national and international companies with the objective of improving performance in their operations through the flexible construction of specialized software and the usage of solid processes and methodologies recognized by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), as well as by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

We have 15+ years of experience helping companies to improve their services by developing, operating, giving maintenance to their software and offering the advantages and benefits of Nearshoring.

Our Purpose

To generate the best, the most efficient and the newest technology.

Our Goal

To be the most important and recognized IT provider nationally and internationally.

We are seeking for our clients:

  • To promote their evolution and development.

  • To maximize their competitiveness to generate more growth.

  • To generate technological and economic development in their environment.

  • To make a positive impact for them through using our state of the art IT solutions.


Novutek’s dream came about in early 2003 from Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora (ITSON) with the initiatives aimed at technology and innovation to help the economic reconversion and diversification of the southern region of the state of Sonora. Officially opening it’s doors in 2004, it is operating as a software provider of the University to fulfill their needs and requirements. Within time, a lot of hard work and more experience gained, Novutek was now properly prepared to offer their services to the regional, national and international markets.

Novutek became one of the first realities created by ITSON to turn southern Sonora into a technology region. With this experience in the information technology industry, Novutek evolves to be a center of technological development that seeks the well-being of its customers by offering comprehensive solutions, built through the use of cutting-edge methodologies and tools.


  • We offer quality services with the newest technology, promoting the accelerated adoption of information technologies in the businesses of the region and in the country.

  • Attract large-scale of IT projects to the region, which allow steady, growing of the industry and making the region an economic benchmark.

  • Promote the economic and social development to the region, stimulating the generation with employment, collaboration, sustainability and social responsibility.